VistaScapes Landscaping

Announcing the Launch of VistaScapes Landscaping!

That’s right kiddies! Blare the horns! Unfurl the banners! Cue the choir! Complete Home Services proudly announces the launch of VistaScapes Landscaping.

Although Complete home Services has always offered landscaping services, we primarily service vacation home owners and rental cabins. VistaScapes services are available to all! Our listed services include, but are not limited to, Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance, Mulching, Erosion Control, Retaining Walls, Sod and Lawn Revitalization.

We can handle all of your landscaping needs from conception to completion! We can take raw land and leave it looking pretty darn spiffy! From simple clean-ups and mulching all the way to layered, undulating plantings with landscape features such as low wall planters, boulders and steps. We can even get ya one of them thar peeing Cupid fountains!

Is time at your vacation home too boring? Nothing to do? How about a new lawn to mow? We can sculpt your land the way you like and install sod for an instant lawn or seed it and get you a lawn the old fashion way!

Up here, in them thar hills, erosion can be a nuisance or a major issue. We have Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission certified erosion control specialists at the ready! From piping gutter downspout water away from your home, placing French drains at your foundation to prevent or repair leaky basements, scraping rutted out driveways and placing new gravel to placing surge rock in ditches to slow down water flow and mitigate the erosive effect of same. We can take care of your erosion and water related issues.

If you are in need of our services, give us a call or send an email. And make sure to visit our website at .