Landscape Maintenance

Proper care of your Landscaping can be overwhelming to the average homeowner.  In order to keep your North Georgia landscaping looking its best, proper management  is required.  This is more than just mowing the lawn or pulling a few weeds.  Plant pruning, lawn and plant fertilization, turf pre-emergent and post emergent, keeping your landscaped beds weed free in addition to lawn mowing are all important elements in the proper maintenance of your landscape.  Here at VistaScapes our staff looks at the details of your property to keep it looking its best.  Let us help you take care of your North Georgia Landscape Management and make your property showcase your home.

  •        Mowing

  •        Weed Removal

  •        Fertilization of Lawn

  •        Fertilization of Plants

  •        Pre-emergent for Lawn

  •        Post emergent for Lawn

  •        Over seeding

  •        Aeration

  •        Pruning

  •        Mulching

  •        Pest and Disease Monitoring and Management

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