Landscape Design and Installation

With personalized customer service, our Landscape Service professional staff offers attention to detail for your landscape ideas in The North Georgia Mountains and take you from conception to completion.  We believe in good communication both before the project begins and throughout the entire process.

Our plants are grown in our climate zone and hardy to our area.  Great care is taken in the selection and installation of your plants to ensure both esthetics, optimum growth and survivability.

Mulching and Lot Clean Up:

Cleaning up an overgrown lot can be a daunting task. The results can be amazing when the work is complete. Once completed,  proper maintenance will keep your yard maintained and beautiful.

An overgrown yard harbors additional insects, snakes and other unwanted pests which can provide a hazard to your family and pets.

Mulch helps control erosion, maintains ground moisture for plants and is an option for turf.

Sod Installation:

We provide the knowledge and experience needed to ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn. We prepare the area properly, ensuring proper drainage, fertility and smooth area.
Each piece of sod is laid with care, precision and proper cuts. Additionally we will provide you with the education to maintain your healthy new lawn. We can be there to provide maintenance for you if needed.

Turf Seeding:

Seeding is a cost effective way of obtaining or renewing your turf area, however, it is not a simple matter of throwing down seed. The area needs to be smoothed, rocks removed, ensure fertile soil, proper seed type spread, straw laid and correct watering set up.

Erosion Control:

Vistascapes focuses on erosion prevention and control!  Any time you disturb the soil (home building or addition, pool installation, land grading, etc.) you should have a plan for erosion control. Vistascapes has Level 1A certified personnel at the ready to provide consultation for an upcoming project or to address an ongoing problem.


Proper care of your Landscaping can be overwhelming to the average homeowner.  In order to keep your landscaping looking its best, proper maintenance is required. Protect your Landscape investment with VistaScapes Landscape Program.

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