Landscaping Testimonials

It was very easy to recommend you guys

Thanks so much, Cindy!  It was very easy to recommend you guys, since you do such wonderful work.



I have green Grass!!!!!

I have green grass!!!!!! Can’t wait for the 2 of you to see it. One problem, my pups are the size of elephants! What’s up with that? Just kidding, ha ha! Talk soon. Hope you are loving the rain as much as my grass is!

Peggy Mealor

Thank you for being upfront with us

I agree with the scope of work required to properly fix our mountainside.  I thank you for being upfront with us.  We are looking into other alternatives to the problem.

Jenny and I thank you and Donald for a fantastic job – you can count on us to spread the word reguarding your wonderful company.


My windows are sparkling clean

Thank you so much Cindy!  My windows are sparkling clean and the whole experience was very rewarding.  Having a good cleaning gave me more time to organize things around here.

Carla Murphy

Thank you times 100

Hey Cindy,

Wow am I sore =) … mentally I feel better than I have in years … amazing how I think all the stuff was weighing on me mentally, and physically I am sooo out of shape … but thank you times 100 for your help yesterday … we certainly exceeded our own expectations.

We are having a staffing issue this week and with taxes due on Tuesday we are going to opt out of Saturday. We will talk later in the month when things stabilize a bit.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Diane Oliver

The house was beautiful

Hi Cindy,

We were up for the afternoon last Saturday and the house was beautiful!!  Thank you so much for such a great job.  The porches were unbelievable–they looked brand new.

I had mentioned to Becka to have Donald check for carpenter bees.  I’ve seen a few flying around, but have not seen any sign of drilling.  If he didn’t do that, would it be possible for him to check it out for signs of destruction.

The check is on it’s way and thanks again to you and your crew for such wonderful service.

Lou Daffin

We have been singing your praises

Thanks so much.  The check will be mailed Monday AM.  We were up this weekend and everything looked great. As for the bees.  It has been a constant struggle since we purchased the cabin 10 years ago.  We got rid of a large number that were boring into the sides but this sounds like something different.  We are not all that happy with the current exterminator and would welcome any suggestions you might have.  We are also looking for someone who would be willing to haul off an old washer and dryer and the old “heavy” hot tub cover.

Looking forward to doing future business with you.  We have already been singing your praises.

Thank You for your excellent work

Thank you so much for your excellent work and update. Jan and I are proud of you, your people and company.  We agree to leave the air return as is. Jan is thrilled about repairing the gas leak.  I’ll leave it to you about the smoke detectors. I’ll wait for your report on the driveway. Thanks also for the air filter report. We will wait to hear from you, will be there in April and can discuss our/your ideas on landscaping. Thanks again.
Jan and Dave

Do the pipes need to be drained?

Thanks Cindy

Do the pipes need to be drained?

I have the invoice and will pay that within the week

I love everything you do and will be up to young Harris ASAP





Cindy and Harvey, Thank you so much for saving us last night. We didn’t have enough gas to turn the boat around. We appreciate it and hope to return the favor sometime if you are ever in a bind. All the best and happy independence day.

Cliff & Susan”


The house looked absolutly beautiful

Cindy - The house looked absolutly beautiful after you guys came and worked your magic! Todd and I were truly amazed at how clean and just really nice everything looked! You made the house sparkle! I am so glad to have found ya'll and look forward to using your services in the near future. I will be giving you a call after the 4th to talk about working on some of the landscaping there as well. Thanks again!!!!! Everything looked great!


Thanks so much for taking care of our home away for home.

Hi Cindy, Enclosed is our check for this month. we're "busily" trying to tie up loose ends so we can leave early Sunday Morning. we can hardly wait.  Thanks so much for taking care of our home away for home. We're ready for another "mountain top experience" (ha)!

Bob and Linda

The cabin sparkles!

Cindy- The cabin SPARKLES! thank you and your great team for your hard work! I am so relieved. I was trying to do all that myself, and just couldn't.

Sherry Daniele

Thanks for doing such a great job


Just a note to thank you for doing such a great job on our landscape project. looks really nice and we have gotten many compliments from friends and neighbors.



By the way - I love you guys! thanks so much for everything you do!

Wow the windows and blinds look awesome

Wow-the windows and blinds look awesome! We got in about 5:30-I was so excited-they have never looked this good. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you soon! C

we appreciate all that you do for us

Dear Cindy, We just wanted to be sure that you know how much we appreciate all that you do for us. It would be so hard to sit 600 miles away wondering if our house was ok, especially this winter. You give us peace of mind.
Nancy and Bob Schied