Lets get planting

Do you want to give your yard some new life after the winter? If your answer is yes don’t procrastinate this is the perfect time to start planting and enjoy the spring weather. While it’s true that some bulbs do best when planted in the fall there are a ton of flowers and shrubs that should be planted in the spring. April and May are great times to plant perennials, shrubs, fruit trees, and even evergreens!

Spring is also a wonderful time to update your yard so take a look around your landscape and decide if you can brighten the place up with a few new plants. By selecting a few specimens that have an interesting color or texture in their foliage you will have a more lasting visual effect in your landscape.

If you need help deciding which plants are best feel free to give us a call. Did you know that CHS does landscape design? We will even put together a free quote once we determine the amount of sunlight affecting that part of your landscape and what type of shrub, tree, or flowers would give you the best bang for your buck.

VistaScapes is a Complete Home Services division providing Landscape Design, Installation, Maintenance, Fertilization, Sod Installation, Turf Seeding, Mulching, Lot Cleanup, Erosion Control and Retaining walls.  Serving Union County Georgia, Fannin County Georgia and Towns County Georgia. For your Home Maintenance needs visit our Complete Home Services website at www.CompleteHomeServicesUSA.com

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