Dividing perennials

Have you been looking to expand your flower garden? You might not have to go purchase more plants to do so! Did you know you can expand your perennials by simply dividing them and spreading them out? Fall is the best time to do this as the weather should be cool.

It’s very simple to do:

1- Pick the perennials you want to divide and start when the plant still looks good.

2- To lift the plant with minimal root damage start at the top of the root and dig a trench around the root clump.

3- Gently lift the plant out and keep the roots cool and moist of they are going to be out of the soil for any period of time.

4- Gently divide the plant.

5- Replenish the soil with compost.

6- Spread out and replant your divisions.

Still not quite sure how to divide your perennials? We can help. Just give us a call to schedule a landscape installation.

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