Bean the Bunny

bean 2bean
It was July 4th weekend and there sat a little bunny rabbit in a whole dug in the garden. His siblings had been killed and the mom had abandon the nest leaving the last little bunny alone. He was just a day or two old, his eyes not even opened yet. We decided to name him Bean and we knew we had to save him. We did some online research and found out how to care for him. We got him to eat and he seemed to be doing good. However, we knew if we kept him he only had a 10% chance of surviving so we decided to find a rescue. We finally found one in Atlanta that would take him. It was the Northridge Forest Wildlife Rescue. Little Bean was taken there July 5th. He will be raised along side other rescued bunnies until he is big enough and then released as a group back into the wild to live his days out frolicking in the forest.


Because most animals mate in the spring now is the time that a lot of them are giving birth. If you happen to come across a orphaned or injured animal you should contact a wildlife rescue immediately. Below are some of the ones we found:



Northridge Forest Wildlife Rescue



Aware Wildlife Center



Ellijay Wildlife Rehab Sanctuary



Noah’s Ark Animal Rehab Center




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